Family owned, manufactured home business located in Live Oak, Florida!

Corbett’s Mobile Home Center began in 1968 in Lake City, Florida where Corbett’s Mobile Home Supply sits today. Bobby Corbett and his brother, Ronnie Corbett, decided to open the manufactured home business together and sold mobile homes at that site for about 17 years. They did so well that they decided to split and become two independent companies in 1985 when Bobby Corbett opened Corbett’s Mobile Home Center in Live Oak while Ronnie Corbett stayed in Lake City.

Growing up, Robert always aspired to take over the family business and continue the tradition his father started, which is why he worked side by side with Bobby, Monday through Saturday, since he was 13 years old. Since taking over the company, Robert has met an abundance of people and established many new friendships. So many in fact, that he felt it fitting to make the companies motto, “Friends Helping Friends Buy A Home.” He takes pride in and strives to uphold the tradition of family values and service to our community that continues to this day after nearly 55 years since it’s beginning.

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